Jury of the Jubilee Edition of “HARTBEX Carpathia Festival” 2019

We are happy to present the Jury of the Jubilee Edition of “HARTBEX Carpathia Festival” 15th International Song Festival – Rzeszów 2019:

prof. Anna Janosz – Head of the Jury

Halina Frąckowiak

Onutė Žukienė

Dorota Szpetkowska

Krzysztof Dzikowski

Marek Kościkiewicz

Wojciech Wójcicki

Roman Owsiak

Tomasz Filipczak – Head of the Qualifying Committee

We invite you on May 17-19 to the Main Square in Rzeszów, where many musical events will take place, such as Festival Auditions and concerts of Ania “AniKa” Dąbrowska”, Halina Frąckowiak and the Artists from the Centre of Vocal Arts in Rzeszów, and Michał Szpak.


Prof. Ph.D. Anna Janosz – Professor of Musical Arts.

In 1998, she was awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Humanities in the field of Education Studies; in 1999, the degree of Doctor in Musical Arts by the Academy of Music in Warsaw; in 2003, the degree of Doctor with habilitation in Musical Arts by the Academy of Music in Poznań.

Prof. Ph.D. Anna Janosz devotes her professional life to artistic activity and academic work.

She is a lecturer at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz and Academy of Music in Gdańsk. She leads conducting classes, teaches subjects related to animation and culture management, and is the Head of the Department of Music Education, Theory and Animation at the Kazimierz Wielki University.

As a conductor, she has led hundreds of a cappella and cantata-oratory concerts; as an academic professional, she has published dozens of articles and publications on management, animation and marketing in culture, as well as on history of amateur music movement and its processes. She is also a Manager of Culture. Since March 2003, she has been working as the Director of Centrum Kultury Teatr in Grudziądz, where she creates programs for music and theatre seasons.

Halina Frąckowiak – a singer, songwriter, composer, one of the greatest artists in the Polish music scene, on which she has been present since 60s. Her artistic achievements were recognized not only in Poland, but also in other countries, where she was awarded with many prizes and distinctions. She has performed concerts in Europe, USA and Canada. She won many awards at the National Festival of the Polish Song in Opole. She has recorded more than twenty albums, and numerous songs of her were hits, taking top places in the charts.

Onute Žukienė – a singer, producer, vocal teacher, Director of International Festival “Kaunas Talent” in Lithuania.

Dorota Szpetkowska – a music journalist, author of numerous music TV shows. She was the Artistic Director of Jedynka Festival Sopot 2005 and Artistic Producer in Sopot 2006.

Krzysztof Dzikowski – a songwriter, screenwriter and man of letters (poet, prose writer, playwright). The author of the biggest pop hits of 60’s and 70’s. Awarded with a Silver Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis, the Honorary Award of the President of Polish Television “Festival Icons” granted for the participation in festivals in Opole, the Honorary Badge of the Authors Association ZAIKS and the Gold Cross of Merit granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for lifetime achievement.

His works are distinguished by originality, he does not allow anyone to interfere with his lyrics or impose subjects. As a songwriter, he started working with a big-band music group Tajfuny, then with Czerwono-Czarni, but he achieved the greatest popularity by the songs written for Czerwone Gitary. His songs have been sung by the outstanding Polish artists such as Czesław Niemen, Maryla Rodowicz, Niebiesko-Czarni, Katarzyna Sobczyk, Anna German, Halina Frąckowiak, Irena Jarocka, Ewa Bem, Alibabki, Urszula Sipińska, Halina Kunicka, Karin Stanek, Krystyna Janda, Anna Maria Jopek, Anna Wyszkoni, Piotr Cugowski and many others. His greatest hits include “Anna Maria”, “Ciągle pada”, “Mały książę”, “Dozwolone do lat osiemnastu”, “Tak bardzo się starałem”, “Nie wiem, czy to warto”, “Dzień jeden w roku”, “Niebo z moich stron”, “Słowo jedyne Ty”, “Gondolierzy znad Wisły”, “Chcę być kochana” or “Wschód słońca w stadninie koni” – the lyrics of this song were included in an international anthology of poetry about horses.

He supports artists – he is the President of the Polish Authors and Composers Union ZAKR, the President of Culture Creators Trade Union ZZTK, the President of the Cultural Industry at the Trade Unions Forum FZZ, the Secretary of the Board of the Authors Association ZAIKS. He is also a member of the Polish Writers’ Union.

In 2014, the Krzystof Dzikowski Foundation was established, the aim of which was using Krzysztof Dzikowski’s lyrics to teach Polish language in Siberia and promoting them abroad. The Foundation announced 2018 as the year of the celebration of 80th anniversary of Krzysztof Dzikowski’s artistic work.

Marek Kościkiewicz – a musician, singer, composer, songwriter, music producer. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Industrial Design. The founder and leader of De Mono, the author of the biggest hits of the band, such as: “Kochać inaczej”, “Statki na niebie”, “Znów jesteś ze mną”, “Kamień i aksamit”. The founder of the most popular music and culture magazine of the 90’s: “Machina”. During 1989-1996, he was the Director of the record label Zic Zac Music Company and the Managing Director of BMG Ariola Poland. He writes songs for the greatest artists of the Polish music scene, such as Artur Gadowski (“Ona jest ze snu”, “Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku”), Varius Manx (“A wtedy przyszedł maj”), Krzysztof Krawczyk (“Święta, Święta”), Justyna Steczkowska (“Aż po życia kres”), Krzysztof Cugowski (“Demony wojny”), Doda (“Nie daj się”). On the 25th anniversary of his artistic career, he released an album “25”. The artists who participated in this project included Kayah, Staszek Soyka, Andrzej Piaseczny, Artur Gadowski, Kuba Sienkiewicz, Kasia Wilk, Rafał Brzozowski.

For 30 years, his most important project has been De Mono. Currently, he is working on
a new album and jubilee celebrations.

Wojciech Wójcicki – the Representative of the Polish Association of Performing Artists of Music and Music with Lyrics SAWP.

While at high school, he became a member of the Wanda Kwietniewska’s band Banda i Wanda. Since June 1994, he has been working with De Mono as a record producer, music director of the band and multi-instrumentalist. He has performed concerts in Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Belarus, Italy and USA.

Co-arranger of songs for Robert Chojnacki (“Sax&Sex”), Roberta Janson (“Trzeci Wymiar”, “Nowy Świat”), Maryla Rodowicz (“Łatwopalni”), Ryszard Sygitowicz and Grzegorz Markowski (“Markowski&Sygitowicz”), K.A.S.A. (“Wszystko od nova”, “Born In The PRL”), Andrzej Krzywy (“Premiera”), Nazar (“kata.LOG”), and songs for De Su, Varius Manx, Roan, Friends and De Mono.

He is the composer of the song “Wszystko na sprzedaż” nominated for “Fryderyk” Music Award (1999) in the category the Song of the Year. He also wrote songs for Kasia Kowalska (“Antidotum”), Andrzej Piaseczny (“Piasek”, “Popers”) and Rafał Brzozowski (“Tak blisko”, “Mój czas”).

In 2001, for the purposes of the TV show Big Brother, he wrote a song for De Mono titled “Poznaj siebie”, which was a theme song of the program, first reality-show in Poland.

Together with music authors, he prepared soundtracks for movies: “Nocne Graffiti”, “Fuks” (dir. M. Dutkiewicz), “Haker” (dir. J. Zaorski), “Świadectwo” (dir. P. Pitera) and “Błogosławiona wina” (dir. P. Häuser, P. Reichel).

He is the Originator and Artistic Director of the Nicolay de Cosla's Festival.

Roman Owsiak – for over 20 years a journalist of the Polish Radio Rzeszów.

The author and co-author of many programs promoting Polish and foreign music performed by known artists and debutants. He is a host of radio programs, e.g. “W Dobrym Tonie” and the Polish Radio Rzeszów Charts.

A host of numerous radio interviews with popular Polish singers. Open for new trends in music, looking for and supporting young talents. For many years, he was a correspondent of the National Festival of the Polish Song in Opole.

Tomasz Filipczak – a graduate of the Academy of Music in Katowice at the Jazz and Popular Music Department in the composition and arrangement class. He was educated at the State Music School (2nd grade) and the Technical School of Building Grand Pianos in Kalisz. A pianist, arranger, composer, conductor, music producer.

He was distinguished during the 20th International Jazz Pianists Competition in Kalisz.

He makes use of his music experience working in different fields, e.g. cooperating with theatres:

- Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów (1996-1999): pianist, arranger;

- Music Theatre Roma in Warsaw (1998-2006): e.g. “Crazy For you”, “Miss Saigon”, “Piotruś”, “Koty”, “5 braci Moe”, “Piotruś Pan”;

- Studio Buffo Theater in Warsaw;

- Teatr Rampa in Targówek (Warsaw): “Musicalov”, “Rent”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” (2016-2017);

- Music Theatre in Gdynia: “Opentaniec” – author of music, conductor, “Footloose”, “Fame”, “Grease”, “Piotruś Pan” – arrangements;

- Teatr Syrena in Warsaw (Music Director).

As an arranger and conductor, he produced many concerts and TV shows:

- Dancing with the Stars 5th Edition (TVN),

- Przebojowa Noc (TVP),

- Złota Sobota (TVP),

- National Festival of the Polish Song Opole 2008 (Music Director),

- National Festival of the Polish Song 2009 (Debuts Concert, Music Director)

- National Festival of the Polish Song 2010 (Concert "Piosenka jest dobra na wszystko" – music director),

- Eurovision Junior (TVP) 2016 and 2017 (Music Director, arrangements, music production)

- Jaka To Melodia (TVP) 2012-2018 (Music Director, arrangements, music production)

He works with many Polish artists, producing, arranging and recording albums for them, e.g. Robert Janowski (albums “” and “Osiemdziesią”), Janusz Radek (“Gdzieś pomiędzy”, “Opowieść Niemenem”, “Z ust do ust”), Łukasz Zagrobelny (“Zagrobelny Symfonicznie”), Irena Santor (“Kręci mnie ten świat” 2010 – gold record – and “Punkt Widzenia” 2014) and many others (Piotr Rodowicz, Izabela Kopeć, Marta Górnicka, Andrzej Cierniewski, Piotr Polk), Majka Jeżowska – “Bajkowo”, “Dwie Korony” – biographical movie (2017) – orchestration for the music by Robert Janson.

He wrote music for several documentary movies.

He regularly performs concerts and works with such artists as Robert Janowski, Janusz Radek, Robert Janson (orchestration for movie soundtracks), Piotr Polki, Marzena Ugorna (Symphony Blues), Janusz Stokłosa and many others.

He also cooperates with musicians and orchestras outside of Poland: Wiesbaden “Night of Music” (a series of concerts from 2012), Reto Parolari Orchester.

Privately, he is a happy husband and father of two sons.